Pineapples and Unicorns

Duluth, MN. Born & raised.
Post grad looking for some direction in life.
Minnesota Wild
Hockey in general.
I miss Cal Clutterbuck.


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Develop a backbone, not a wishbone.
Anonymous asked: I'm trying to expand my music library and I have 3 PTV songs (Hold On Till May, King For A Day, and Props & Mayhem)what other songs do you suggest by them or any other band?



if by by expand you mean youre looking for other songs but generally similar to that heres a few of my personal faves but if you want stuff outside of that me me know!!!

issues: mad at myself, sad ghost, never lose your flames, hooligans

bring me the horizon: shadow moses, can you feel my heart, sleepwalking

a day to remember: if i leave, right back at it again, city of ocal

crown the empire: memories of a broken heart, millenia 

pierce the veil: besitos, caraphernelia, disasterology

woe is me: a story to tell, ive told you once, fyi

memphis may fire: alive in the lights, prove me right

sleeping with sirens: tally it up settle the score, fire, a trophy fathers trophy son




did I do good or nah

so kayleigh is queen after this it’s official

I want to know his reaction after that damn son

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